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My paintings are fragments of stories or dreams; through them I explore “personal places where I have lived.”

Faces are blurred and the human form blends into the environment. Vulnerability, innocence, fear and isolation from mankind are expressed with the figure. Solitary figures within surreal environmental structures reveal and hide the occupants. My dark palette adds additional layers of mood and mystery.

The wholeness with the subjects’ spirit and health remains fractured. Instead, we discover a physical or psychological brokenness in the psyche of each piece.

For me, fragmentation is rendering the realm of things. There is a perceivable dualism within the human form, exploring a variety of themes and the emotionality within the space of the composition.

My faces are blurred or entirely lacking distinct features. My figures’ identities remain hidden, creating a sense of unsettling presence. Smudging paint on the surface allows me to create suggestive narrative layers inside visual vignettes of an unfinished story, which leaves the viewer with a feeling similar to reading a book with an ambiguous, unresolved ending.